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Great Town Award


If you open this Galway oyster carefully, carefully, You’ll find more than one pearl inside, truthfully You’ll find a handful of pearls from this jewel of a city. This first pearl is the bedrock of…


Falmouth is a great name for a place that sings And speaks and talks but here’s an idea Let’s rename the place: FalEye, FalEar; Got a certain something, hasn’t it? It rings With poetic truth,…


Hastings, England
Hastings and St. Leonards: the air, the sky, the sea. Get a lungful of renewal as the tide moves out and in. Hastings and St. Leonards, I hope that you’ll agree Make reinvention heard above…


Cork, Ireland
Let’s raise our voices in praise of Cork In praise of a town that takes pride of place To a Cork-based level. Listen to the talk on St Patrick’s Street, how talk fills the space…


Stretch out in Buxton and you touch the sky, Walk uphill in Buxton and you hear the sound Of history dancing and learning to fly And holding you close to the Derbyshire ground. A stroll…


Beverley, Yorkshire
We’re under starter’s orders in the opening race Over history’s jumps to the winning line And Beverley’s the victor as it sets the pace, Minster windows reflecting the warm sunshine; Wander through the market and…


Bury, Greater Manchester
Queen of all the Lancashire towns is this; A jewel on the Pennines’ western side, A joy that you should really never miss Jump on the tram now; come and take a ride To Bury;…


Place of learning, place of water, place of sky; Place where the Gulf Stream warms your bones Place where the Welsh-speaking seagulls fly Place of a castle built from ancient stones. The railway came and…

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