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Great Street Award

Chapel Street

Chapel Street, Penzance, UK TR18 4AW
Here on the toe of the country, a street like no other. Stride it in all weathers, walking up from the water And the people who are here today are sitting and eating; You can…

Exhibition Road

Exhibition Road, London, UK
Let’s face it, this is more than a road, it’s a route Bringing knowledge like the old Silk Road did All those years ago. More than a road, it’s a path That leads to enlightenment,…

Hope Street

Hope Street, Liverpool, UK
Imagine an axis; imagine a washing line Hung across a city. Two cathedrals, a theatre And a hotel hang from the line And flap in the century’s breeze… This is Hope Street; imagine an artery…

Park Lane

Park Lane, Poynton, UK
I couldn’t have written this poem a few years since; I couldn’t have read it out. There’s no way you’d have heard it The noise of the traffic was enough to make you wince And…

North Street

North Street, Bristol, UK
Some streets are just streets but North Street is more. It’s a philosophy and a way to organise a space; There’s always new delights behind a North Street door. If you walk in with a…

Lamb’s Conduit Street

Lamb's Conduit Street, London, UK
A world in miniature; a universe in a grain of sand. You can look from one end and see the other end. You couldn’t call it majestic. It isn’t very grand And yet I think…

Elwick Road / West Street

Elwick Road / West Street, Ashford
A few years ago, you wouldn’t have had a chance To hear me say the words of this Elwick Road verse: The cars were dancing their daily zooming dance The traffic was bad and quickly…

Berkhamsted High Street

Berkhamsted High Street, Berkhamsted
Twenty years in the making, from idea to this: A walk down the High Street in morning light That defines a nuanced urban bliss Which is a posh way of saying it’s sheer delight To…

Bridge Street / North Street

Bridge Street / North Street, Taunton
You have a cricket field here, and moving water, And a place where cars are refused the right of way; You have a café here where we’re all taught a Lesson about conversion because, well,…

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