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Great Place Award

City Park

City Park, Bradford, UK
Light here, please. Light here. Water and light And a pool that’s a mirror so look, just look In the Summer’s glare or the Autumn’s night And you can read this place like a book,…

Kings Place

90 York Way, Kings Cross, London N1 9AG, UK
Left, out of King’s Cross station’s comings and goings, And up York Way to Kings Place. Those architect’s drawings With their images of all those people going and coming Never did this place justice; real…

Sowerby Bridge Wharf

The Wharf, Sowerby Bridge, UK
This is the story of Sowerby Bridge And the things you would find in’t Rochdale Canal: Floating car tires or an old faded fridge, A glove waving at you like it was your pal… But…

St Nicholas Market

St Nicholas Market, Bristol, UK
Get your coat, grab your hat and a pile of Bristol pounds And run down to the market where the world’s at play Drink in the smiling smells and taste all the sharp-toned sounds And…

Custard Factory

Custard Factory, Birmingham
Let’s face it: everybody likes custard. Good for the heart And good for the soul. And here’s a cultural centre in Brum That’s built on custard. Or the memory of it. Here’s art And commerce…

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square, Peterborough
Cathedral Square defines the city from everywhere; From the train, from the road, from simply walking by. I’d like to fly above it and see it from the air, See the flow of people from…

St Pancras International

St Pancras International, London
The ideas now leaving Platform Two Are heading for The Future via The Past, An unbroken line that steams right through This place, built with love and built to last; A triumph of Midlands engineering…

Christmas Steps Arts Quarter

Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, Bristol
Straight up the hill to the top, then turn And fill your lungs with artistic air; It’s a place to live and a place to learn A place of vim and verve and flair And…

Bishops Square

Bishops Square, London
Spring could be the best time to be here, When the area is lit by morning light; The view down to Christchurch February-clear, You can sit and tell tales about last night And the people…

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