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Traffic Calming

Park Lane

Park Lane, Poynton, UK
I couldn’t have written this poem a few years since; I couldn’t have read it out. There’s no way you’d have heard it The noise of the traffic was enough to make you wince And…

Elwick Road / West Street

Elwick Road / West Street, Ashford
A few years ago, you wouldn’t have had a chance To hear me say the words of this Elwick Road verse: The cars were dancing their daily zooming dance The traffic was bad and quickly…

Berkhamsted High Street

Berkhamsted High Street, Berkhamsted
Twenty years in the making, from idea to this: A walk down the High Street in morning light That defines a nuanced urban bliss Which is a posh way of saying it’s sheer delight To…

Bridge Street / North Street

Bridge Street / North Street, Taunton
You have a cricket field here, and moving water, And a place where cars are refused the right of way; You have a café here where we’re all taught a Lesson about conversion because, well,…

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