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Shared Space

Exhibition Road

Exhibition Road, London, UK
Let’s face it, this is more than a road, it’s a route Bringing knowledge like the old Silk Road did All those years ago. More than a road, it’s a path That leads to enlightenment,…

Hope Street

Hope Street, Liverpool, UK
Imagine an axis; imagine a washing line Hung across a city. Two cathedrals, a theatre And a hotel hang from the line And flap in the century’s breeze… This is Hope Street; imagine an artery…

Park Lane

Park Lane, Poynton, UK
I couldn’t have written this poem a few years since; I couldn’t have read it out. There’s no way you’d have heard it The noise of the traffic was enough to make you wince And…

Elwick Road / West Street

Elwick Road / West Street, Ashford
A few years ago, you wouldn’t have had a chance To hear me say the words of this Elwick Road verse: The cars were dancing their daily zooming dance The traffic was bad and quickly…

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