Hope Street

Hope Street, Liverpool, UK
Imagine an axis; imagine a washing line Hung across a city. Two cathedrals, a theatre And a hotel hang from the line And flap in the century’s breeze… This is Hope Street; imagine an artery…

Park Lane

Park Lane, Poynton, UK
I couldn’t have written this poem a few years since; I couldn’t have read it out. There’s no way you’d have heard it The noise of the traffic was enough to make you wince And…

North Street

North Street, Bristol, UK
Some streets are just streets but North Street is more. It’s a philosophy and a way to organise a space; There’s always new delights behind a North Street door. If you walk in with a…

Lamb’s Conduit Street

Lamb's Conduit Street, London, UK
A world in miniature; a universe in a grain of sand. You can look from one end and see the other end. You couldn’t call it majestic. It isn’t very grand And yet I think…

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square, Peterborough
Cathedral Square defines the city from everywhere; From the train, from the road, from simply walking by. I’d like to fly above it and see it from the air, See the flow of people from…

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