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Convergence of two rivers: They shine in mid-morning light And reflect all the convergences of Lyon, All the meetings, all the transformations. World Heritage site and modern city, Birthplace of film and a centre of…


Table for two, or more. Table for four. Table for everybody: that’s Hamburg, Your spoon shines in the German sun As you plunge it in to your Aalsuppe Or soup of everything, which is of…

Bishops Square

Bishops Square, London
Spring could be the best time to be here, When the area is lit by morning light; The view down to Christchurch February-clear, You can sit and tell tales about last night And the people…


Turin, Italy
Slow down; slower, slip into first gear In this home of slow food, slower cooking, Deep thinking, refining the idea of ‘here’ When industries change and you’re looking For something to power the city along…

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