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Falmouth is a great name for a place that sings And speaks and talks but here’s an idea Let’s rename the place: FalEye, FalEar; Got a certain something, hasn’t it? It rings With poetic truth,…

Chapel Street

Chapel Street, Penzance, UK TR18 4AW
Here on the toe of the country, a street like no other. Stride it in all weathers, walking up from the water And the people who are here today are sitting and eating; You can…


Hastings, England
Hastings and St. Leonards: the air, the sky, the sea. Get a lungful of renewal as the tide moves out and in. Hastings and St. Leonards, I hope that you’ll agree Make reinvention heard above…


No day’s like any other day in Marseille! One day is not enough to see the city; It’s shifting and it’s changing in a Marseille way It’s a place that’s just the rugged side of…

Berkhamsted High Street

Berkhamsted High Street, Berkhamsted
Twenty years in the making, from idea to this: A walk down the High Street in morning light That defines a nuanced urban bliss Which is a posh way of saying it’s sheer delight To…


From darkest shadows to brightest light Devonport grows like a flower Now something’s clicking, something’s right And it feels like, hour by hour, This place is growing in the warming sun Devonport’s taking charge of…


Beverley, Yorkshire
We’re under starter’s orders in the opening race Over history’s jumps to the winning line And Beverley’s the victor as it sets the pace, Minster windows reflecting the warm sunshine; Wander through the market and…


Bury, Greater Manchester
Queen of all the Lancashire towns is this; A jewel on the Pennines’ western side, A joy that you should really never miss Jump on the tram now; come and take a ride To Bury;…


You want a city in the sky? This must be the one, Rising from the morning in the shining air. Fly across the water on a steel and cable Swan Or sit above the Markt…

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