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There’s a diamond district here, inviting and shining And that image of a jewel goes a long way to defining This city by the water, this place that fashion built: It’s just the place to…

Exhibition Road

Exhibition Road, London, UK
Let’s face it, this is more than a road, it’s a route Bringing knowledge like the old Silk Road did All those years ago. More than a road, it’s a path That leads to enlightenment,…


Some places lie down and die when history strands them And industry rusts and the sky clears of smoke. Malmö learns from these problems, Malmö understands them Malmö’s not the punchline to an unfunny joke…


From darkest shadows to brightest light Devonport grows like a flower Now something’s clicking, something’s right And it feels like, hour by hour, This place is growing in the warming sun Devonport’s taking charge of…


Bury, Greater Manchester
Queen of all the Lancashire towns is this; A jewel on the Pennines’ western side, A joy that you should really never miss Jump on the tram now; come and take a ride To Bury;…


You want a city in the sky? This must be the one, Rising from the morning in the shining air. Fly across the water on a steel and cable Swan Or sit above the Markt…


Turin, Italy
Slow down; slower, slip into first gear In this home of slow food, slower cooking, Deep thinking, refining the idea of ‘here’ When industries change and you’re looking For something to power the city along…


Aarhus, Denmark
Begin here, by the water, and see yourself reflected In its movement; like this city find yourself refracted Through yesterday, tomorrow, and the unexpected Corners where the stories have collected. Walk here, through broad streets,…

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