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Chapel Street

Chapel Street, Penzance, UK TR18 4AW
Here on the toe of the country, a street like no other. Stride it in all weathers, walking up from the water And the people who are here today are sitting and eating; You can…


Saltaire, Bradford, UK
Let’s all raise a glass to the great Sir Titus Salt! Saltaire was his dream and it’s a dream that has come true. We’d toast him in Ribena, of course, not a glass of malt:…

St Pancras International

St Pancras International, London
The ideas now leaving Platform Two Are heading for The Future via The Past, An unbroken line that steams right through This place, built with love and built to last; A triumph of Midlands engineering…


Beverley, Yorkshire
We’re under starter’s orders in the opening race Over history’s jumps to the winning line And Beverley’s the victor as it sets the pace, Minster windows reflecting the warm sunshine; Wander through the market and…


Turin, Italy
Slow down; slower, slip into first gear In this home of slow food, slower cooking, Deep thinking, refining the idea of ‘here’ When industries change and you’re looking For something to power the city along…


Edinburgh, United Kingdom
European City of the Year

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