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St Nicholas Market

St Nicholas Market, Bristol, UK
Get your coat, grab your hat and a pile of Bristol pounds And run down to the market where the world’s at play Drink in the smiling smells and taste all the sharp-toned sounds And…

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square, Peterborough
Cathedral Square defines the city from everywhere; From the train, from the road, from simply walking by. I’d like to fly above it and see it from the air, See the flow of people from…


City of crossings, meetings and Time’s intersections Where History welcomes the present and shapes How the future will be; how the wide world’s perceptions Of what Istanbul can become are merely slight scrapes On the…

Berkhamsted High Street

Berkhamsted High Street, Berkhamsted
Twenty years in the making, from idea to this: A walk down the High Street in morning light That defines a nuanced urban bliss Which is a posh way of saying it’s sheer delight To…


From darkest shadows to brightest light Devonport grows like a flower Now something’s clicking, something’s right And it feels like, hour by hour, This place is growing in the warming sun Devonport’s taking charge of…


Bury, Greater Manchester
Queen of all the Lancashire towns is this; A jewel on the Pennines’ western side, A joy that you should really never miss Jump on the tram now; come and take a ride To Bury;…

Holbeck Urban Village

Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds
There’s a profound sound LEEDS That bounces around The Round Foundry And its surroundings; The sound of regeneration As trains leave the station The sound of anticipation Aspiration, no hesitation; There’s a delightful sight Lighting…

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