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There’s a diamond district here, inviting and shining And that image of a jewel goes a long way to defining This city by the water, this place that fashion built: It’s just the place to…

Grand Canal Quarter

Grand Canal Quarter, Dublin, Ireland
A canal is built from water, water and engineering And this part of the city’s built on light and glass; Stand still for a moment: that’s applause you’re hearing From the late-night theatre as the…

North Street

North Street, Bristol, UK
Some streets are just streets but North Street is more. It’s a philosophy and a way to organise a space; There’s always new delights behind a North Street door. If you walk in with a…

Lamb’s Conduit Street

Lamb's Conduit Street, London, UK
A world in miniature; a universe in a grain of sand. You can look from one end and see the other end. You couldn’t call it majestic. It isn’t very grand And yet I think…


Hastings, England
Hastings and St. Leonards: the air, the sky, the sea. Get a lungful of renewal as the tide moves out and in. Hastings and St. Leonards, I hope that you’ll agree Make reinvention heard above…


Stretch out in Buxton and you touch the sky, Walk uphill in Buxton and you hear the sound Of history dancing and learning to fly And holding you close to the Derbyshire ground. A stroll…


From darkest shadows to brightest light Devonport grows like a flower Now something’s clicking, something’s right And it feels like, hour by hour, This place is growing in the warming sun Devonport’s taking charge of…

Broughty Ferry

Broughty Ferry
They call it the Jewel in Dundee’s crown I call it the smile on Dundee’s face This confident beauty of a seaside town You encounter at a walking pace; Or you gaze at from your…

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